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Abhishek Malhan, who goes by the alias Fukra Insaan, is a well-recognized YouTuber, gamer, and vocalist hailing from India. He rose to prominence via his YouTube channel, which boasts an impressive 8.22 million subscribers. On this platform, he shares humorous content such as challenges, pranks, and reaction videos. Born on May 24, 1997, in Delhi, India, he embarked on his YouTube journey and even made an appearance on Bigg Boss OTT 2 in the year 2023. Abhishek, known as Fukra Insaan, is an active presence on various social media platforms, boasting a following of over 6.6 million on Instagram alone. He comes from a family rooted in creativity, holding a notable position within India’s digital entertainment arena.

Abhishek Malhan Biography

Fukra Insaan was born on May 24, 1997, in Delhi, India. He comes from a regular Hindu family in Pitampura near Rohini. He went to Lancer’s Convent School and then studied at Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, where he got a B.com. degree. His dad, Vinay Malhan, does business, and his mom, Dimple Malhan, is a YouTuber. He has two siblings, Prerna and Nischay, and together they make funny skits and vlogs. Fukra Insaan is popular for playing games, reacting to things, and doing challenges. He connects with his fans on YouTube and Instagram. Even though they are famous, he still meets his fans in person and answers their questions in special sessions. His presence has made a big impact on social media in India.

Abhishek Malhan Biography
Abhishek Malhan Biography

Who is Abhishek Malhan ?

Abhishek Malhan, also known as “Fukra Insaan,” is an Indian content creator who gained prominence as a YouTuber, gamer, and entertainer. He was born on May 24, 1997, in Delhi, India. Abhishek comes from a middle-class Hindu family in Pitampura near Rohini. He attended Lancer’s Convent School and later studied at Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, earning a B.Com. degree.

His father, Vinay Malhan, is a businessman, while his mother, Dimple Malhan, is a YouTuber. Abhishek has two siblings, Prerna and Nischay, and together they create comedy skits and vlogs. He is particularly known for his engaging content related to gaming, reactions, and challenges, which has garnered him a significant following on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Abhishek Malhan Highlights

BiographyAbhishek Malhan
Nick NameFukra Insaan
Father’s NameVinay Malhan
Mother’s NameDimple Malhan
Date of Birth24 May 1997
Birth PlacePitampura, Delhi
ProfessionYouTuber, Gamer, Singer
Height5 Feet 11 inch (180cm)

Abhishek Malhan Lifestyle

Abhishek Malhan, popularly known as “Fukra Insaan,” leads a dynamic and vibrant lifestyle that reflects his multifaceted persona as a content creator, gamer, and entertainer. Born on May 24, 1997, in Delhi, India, his journey from a middle-class Hindu family to an influential figure in the digital entertainment space has shaped his unique way of life.

Education and Background:
Abhishek’s educational background includes attending Lancer’s Convent School and later pursuing a B.Com. degree at Delhi College of Arts & Commerce. This academic journey laid the foundation for his growth as a well-rounded individual with a creative mindset.

Family and Relationships:
Hailing from a middle-class family in Pitampura near Rohini, Abhishek’s family plays an integral role in his life. His father, Vinay Malhan, is a businessman, and his mother, Dimple Malhan, is also involved in the online world as a YouTuber. Abhishek shares a close bond with his family members, including his siblings, Prerna and Nischay, with whom he collaborates on various content projects.

Content Creation and Entertainment:
Abhishek’s lifestyle revolves around his passion for content creation. He is renowned for his gaming videos, reactions to various content, and engaging in entertaining challenges. This involves spending considerable time planning, recording, and editing his videos to deliver the best possible experience to his audience.

Digital Presence:
A significant portion of Abhishek’s lifestyle is dedicated to his digital presence. He actively manages his YouTube channel, where he uploads his comedy skits, gaming sessions, and reaction videos that cater to his diverse audience. Additionally, he maintains an active presence on Instagram, sharing glimpses of his daily life, interacting with fans, and staying connected with the online community.

Interactions and Fan Engagement:
Despite his digital fame, Abhishek values direct interactions with his fans. He organizes meet-and-greet events and Q&A sessions to personally engage with his followers. These interactions provide a deeper connection and insight into his life beyond the online persona.

Personal Pursuits:
Beyond his online endeavors, Abhishek nurtures personal interests and hobbies. These might include music, reading, or exploring new experiences that contribute to his personal growth and well-being.

Impact on Indian Social Media:
Abhishek’s lifestyle extends beyond his personal sphere, as his presence has left a significant impact on the Indian social media landscape. Through his relatable content and authentic interactions, he has become a role model for aspiring content creators and has contributed to shaping the trends and dynamics of online entertainment.

In essence, Abhishek Malhan’s lifestyle is a harmonious blend of creativity, entertainment, family values, and digital engagement. His journey from a regular upbringing to becoming a digital sensation showcases his ability to adapt, evolve, and connect with a global audience while staying true to his roots.

Abhishek Malhan Networth

Fukra Insaan, a well-known content creator recognized by his birth name Abhishek Malhan, generates earnings by endorsing products on social media platforms and crafting music videos. It is anticipated that his net worth could reach around $1.5 million by the year 2023. In terms of Indian currency, his net worth fluctuates between Rs 1 crore to Rs 5 crore. Abhishek garners approximately Rs 1-2 lakhs per video, contributing to an estimated monthly income of about Rs 10 lakhs. Furthermore, he accrues income through advertisements featured on his social media profiles.

Abhishek Malhan Age

Born on May 24, 1997, Abhishek Malhan is currently around 26 years old. He’s a youthful and spirited content creator known for his amusing YouTube videos, encompassing genres like challenges and pranks. Despite his relative youth, he has gained substantial fame and boasts a significant fan base across his social media platforms.

Abhishek Malhan Height & Physical Fitness

Height5’11” (180 cm)
Weight75 kg (Approx)
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

Abhishek Malhan Family

Abhishek is fortunate to belong to a caring family unit. His birthplace is Delhi, India, and his birthdate is May 24, 1997. His parents, Vinay Malhan and Dimple Malhan, are at the heart of his family. In addition to his parents, he shares his journey with his older sister, Prerna Malhan, and his elder brother, Nischay Malhan. Collectively, they have collectively contributed significantly to bringing entertainment to online audiences in India.

Family MemberNameRole
Abhishek Malhan Father’ NameVinay MalhanBusinessman
Abhishek Malhan Mother’s NameDimple MalhanYouTuber
Abhishek Malhan Sister’s NamePrerna MalhanOlder Sibling
Abhishek Malhan Brother’s NameNischay MalhanOlder Sibling

Abhishek Malhan Career

Abhishek’s journey has been a thrilling adventure. It all began with him stepping into the role of a content creator, crafting humorous videos on YouTube that centered around challenges and pranks. His captivating content swiftly captured the attention of viewers, leading to a swift expansion of his fan base. His participation in Bigg Boss OTT 2 highlighted his versatility, showcasing his multifaceted talents.

As he progressed, Abhishek maintained an active presence on social media platforms like Instagram, amassing a substantial following that numbered in the millions. His ingenuity and unwavering commitment propelled him to a prominent standing within India’s digital entertainment realm. Amidst his accomplishments, he remains closely connected to his admirers through engaging meet-and-greets and enlightening Q & A sessions. This approach has endeared him to countless online enthusiasts, solidifying his status as a cherished and respected figure in the virtual world.

Abhishek Malhan Social Accounts

Certainly! Here’s a table listing Abhishek Malhan’s social media accounts:

Social Media PlatformUsernameFollowers
YouTubeFukra Insaan8.22 million
Instagram@fukrainsaan6.6 million
FacebookFukra Insaan

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